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March 01, 2022


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John Galloway Vanguard Global Head of Investment Stewardship
How does Vanguard define investment stewardship—and why is it important?
What do you look for as hallmarks of good corporate governance?
How much time is spent on environmental- or social-focused shareholder proposals versus the general governance practices of companies?
Environmental and social shareholder proposals make up a small percentage of our voting activity
The image shows a breakdown of proxy ballot items that Vanguard voted on during shareholder meetings from 2018 through 2021. On average, environmental and social proposals accounted for 0.2% of voting activity, while 45.2% focused on electing directors and other board-related proposals, 15.9% on capitalization, 11.3% on adjournment or other business, 10.2% on executive compensation and other compensation-related proposals, 6.6% on shareholder rights and governance-related proposals, 6.1% on approval of auditors, and 4.5% on mergers and acquisitions.
How does investment stewardship differ for index funds versus actively managed funds?
What global governance trends stood out over the last year?
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