Financial planning

Investment risk and 529 plan investors

July 27, 2023

A line chart showing portfolio risk over time, using equity allocation as a proxy for risk, with beneficiary age on the x-axis and median equity allocation on the y-axis. There are lines for three investor types: self-directed, glide path, and mixed, as well as a band showing the equity allocation range of glide-path portfolios.  The chart shows decreasing equity allocations as age increases for all investment types. Self-directed investors have the largest equity percentages throughout, with an equity allocation of 100% from beneficiary age 0 through 13 and remaining above 70% through age 25. The pure glide-path category starts at a 95% equity allocation at beneficiary age 0 and then declines the fastest, to near 10% at age 25. The mixed category starts with lowest age-0 equity allocation, just below 90%, but declines more gradually than the glide-path category and has an equity allocation around 40% at age 25.
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