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A conversation with Vanguard Charitable’s Rebecca Moffett

August 03, 2022


Meet the expert

Rebecca Moffett
You’ve been with Vanguard Charitable for 17 years and became president in November 2021. What drew you to philanthropy and what inspires you about your work?
Disaster relief is a big priority for U.S. donors, according to The Harris Poll’s recent survey on behalf of Vanguard Charitable. Did that surprise you, and what are the implications for other areas of giving?

Donors giving to disaster relief

The table shows seven alpha advisory strategies and the typical amount of value they can add for clients. Some of the strategies that can potentially generate the most alpha include behavioral coaching, spending strategies, and asset location.
What are the biggest reasons people are motivated to give? What role do taxes play?
Donors are often mindful of “overhead” at nonprofits and whether to restrict donations for specific purposes. What do charities see as the most effective and efficient ways to give?
Vanguard Charitable was founded by Vanguard as an independent public charity nearly 25 years ago.* How has its relationship with the wider philanthropic community evolved?
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