Manager perspectives

Seeking dividend growers in an inflationary environment

January 11, 2023


Meet the experts

Donald J. Kilbride
Peter C. Fisher
Give us a bit of background—how you got to Wellington, how you started running Dividend Growth Fund, and how long the two of you have been working together?
Talk a little about the current economic environment and how the portfolio is set up for it over the next few years.
What’s the philosophy and process for the Dividend Growth Fund?
Can you explain what goes into your decision—philosophy, process, or valuation—on adding or trimming names?
You've added Mastercard on top of your existing position in Visa. Is that overconcentrating in one industry that could be supplanted?
You’ve talked in the past about how brand and product can give flexibility in pricing, but is there a point where it doesn’t in this inflationary environment?
Any observations from the past 12 or 18 months that make you think differently about investing moving forward?
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