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Baillie Gifford on the quest for the next radical innovators

August 17, 2022


Meet the experts

Tom Coutts
Lawrence Burns
This has been a tough year so far. What’s your take on what’s been going on in the markets and where we’re headed?
This year hasn’t been kind to stocks in general, and particularly not for international stocks and growth stocks. Why should investors stay diversified in international?
There are many variations on growth investing. What’s your approach?
Your portfolio tends to be more concentrated and has less turnover than the typical actively managed fund. You’ve said that most investors and asset managers prematurely sell their winners.
Another factor that you say gives you an edge is a “focus on the upside.” Some might see that as not adequately taking risk into consideration.
You take a team approach to managing the portfolio, but you’ve also said that individual convictions are more helpful than consensus and groupthink. How does that work?
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