Manager perspectives

The people power that runs Vanguard’s index-investing engine

December 19, 2022

Can you walk us through your background? For instance, how did you come to Vanguard Equity Index Group?
Index funds are sometimes said to be run by computers. What does a day in the life of an index fund manager typically look like?
Some investors may have a perception that all index funds are the same. What sets Vanguard equity index funds apart from their competitors?
Securities lending is a well-established investment industry practice that offers an incremental source of income for Vanguard equity index fund investors. Specifically, borrowers pay the funds to loan them shares, which are secured by collateral. What securities-lending practices does Vanguard follow and why?
You’re an index fund manager. Do you believe in active management? If so, how do you decide between an indexing or active approach for a given investment?
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Michelle Louie
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