Portfolio perspectives

Kicking the tires of a 529 glide path

May 22, 2023

Area chart shows the asset allocation of the glide path for Vanguard Target Enrollment Portfolios. The allocation is divided among U.S. stocks, international stocks, U.S. bonds, international bonds, and cash along a frame of time that starts at Year 1 and ends at Year 22. Equities overall are split 60/40 between U.S. stocks and international stocks. Bonds overall are split 70/30 between U.S. bonds and international bonds.  The allocation to stocks begins at 95%, the allocation to bonds begins at 5%, and the allocation to cash begins at 0%. Stocks begin decreasing linearly at Year 3, with the balances reallocated to bonds, reaching 47% at Year 13. Starting in Year 14, an allocation to cash is made, initially at between 6% and 7%. Cash then increases linearly to 60% at Year 22. Stocks continue to decrease, ending at between 11% and 12% in Year 22, while bonds end at a bit more than 28%.


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