Manager perspectives

How a contrarian seeks value in today’s volatile market

October 26, 2022


Meet the expert

Keith White
Can you walk us through your background? For instance, how did you come to Wellington Management and what roles have you held during your career?
Speaking of your view of the market, how do you think you can achieve excess return over the long term? How does that factor into your philosophy for the Global Capital Cycles Fund?
Can you give us your perspective on the markets? Where are you finding opportunities?
What about the possibility of a 2023 recession within the U.S. or abroad, as many predict will occur? How should we expect markets to respond, and how will that affect your fund strategy?
What are the potential benefits for an investor of this strategy? Is it inflation protection, concentrated global exposure, or something else?
Finally, what decisions do you make as you construct and position the portfolio?
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