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Get the facts: Vanguard puts everyday investors at the center of all we do

December 13, 2022

The money we manage belongs to our investors, not Vanguard.
We help investors keep more of their returns.
Vanguard does not boycott any company or industry.
We are piloting ways to give investors a greater voice in proxy voting.
Our focus is on long-term value creation.
Our approach to climate risk is about safeguarding investor returns.
Table with 2 columns describing what Vanguard does and does not do. We offer investors choices of products to meet their investment objectives and preferences, but we do not boycott any company, industry, or sector of the economy.  We vote proxies presented to us on a case-by-case basis, but we do not introduce shareholder proposals, launch proxy fights, or nominate directors.  We make nuanced, balanced judgments when voting proxies, weighing each proposal on its merits and the facts presented, but we do not reflexively vote “for” or “against” proposals.   We make independent proxy voting and engagement decisions based on our focus on long-term value creation, but we do not participate in third-party groups that supersede our fiduciary duty to our investors.   We constructively engage with portfolio companies to understand their governance and oversight of material financial risks, but we do not dictate management and policy decisions, which are the responsibility of companies and elected officials.
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