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Vanguard’s global outlook for 2022: A focus on balance

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Mark Lahoda, Vanguard senior credit analyst

What return to work means (and doesn’t mean) for office space

Vanguard research suggests that the office is not going away, it’s evolving. Investing in office space, though more complex, may give active managers with deep fundamental analysis capabilities opportunities for outperformance. The return to work is likely to result in a new office normal that will vary by region, industry sector, and property class.

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The chip shortage will increasingly be about demand

Longevity and recurring health care costs in retirement

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Economics and markets

Vanguard economic and market outlook for 2022: Striking a better balance

Our annual forecast explains why we expect the global economy to slow, leaving full-year 2022 growth, in our base case, of 4.8%. It also explains why our 10-year market outlook is guarded, as reflected in the low-single-digit range of expected returns for a globally diversified, 60% stock/40% bond portfolio.

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Megatrends: The deglobalization myth(s)

Diversification still works: Exploring the equity-bond relationship with K-means clustering

Fine-tuning target-date funds for different goals

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