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Xiao Xu, Andy Reed, Fiona Greig
Investor behavior

Vanguard investor pulse: Anxiety and cash needs on the rise

Investors are feeling more pessimistic about the short-term outlook in financial markets and are having to tap their retirement savings for cash.

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Our investment and economic outlook for December 2022

Managing liquidity risk in the world’s deepest bond market

Delivering results as a team

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Financial wellness & planning

Financial Planning Perspectives—The meaning of life: A framework for determining basic life insurance needs

A new Vanguard research paper outlines an approach to determining life insurance needs that could save thousands of dollars while minimizing the chances that coverage falls short of those needs.

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Rational rebalancing: An analytical approach to multiasset portfolio rebalancing decisions and insights

Financial Planning Perspectives—To B or not to B: Making sense of Medicare’s alphabet soup

Financial Planning Perspectives—A "BETR" Approach to Roth conversions

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