Explore Vanguard perspectives on the U.S. debt ceiling and market volatility.

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Mapping a path for successful 529 investing.

Perspectives and news

Greg Davis
Expert insight

Possible debt ceiling outcomes, implications for investors

Vanguard CIO Greg Davis describes the potential paths ahead, including the likelihood of a positive outcome.

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Investor Pulse: Sentiment and hiring cool in April

Vanguard leaders on the possibility of a U.S. debt default

Kicking the tires of a 529 glide path

Research spotlight

Our research includes a number of different types of graphics
Portfolio considerations

Making the grade: A goals-based framework for 529s

Our research explores practical ways to build savings for an emergency while balancing long-term financial goals.

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Financial Planning Perspectives—In case of emergency, break glass: Managing household liquidity

Credit risk premia: Considerations for multiasset portfolios

Financial Planning Perspectives—What to do with your next dollar: A quantitative framework

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