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Greg Davis, Vanguard Chief Investment Officer
Greg Davis, Vanguard Chief Investment Officer

Commenting on crypto

Cryptocurrency has become a hot investing topic recently. Chief Investment Officer Greg Davis weighs in with his views on the value of crypto and the technology behind it.

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Thoughts on direct indexing

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Portfolio considerations

How Investors Use Passive for Active

New Vanguard research indicates that investors are frequently using non-total market index funds to build portfolios with active exposures, according to “How investors use passive for active,” a paper authored by Vanguard’s Jan-Carl Plagge, Haifeng Wang, and Jim Rowley. The paper was published in The Journal of Beta Investment Strategies.

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Not all fixed income is created equal: The role of fixed income sectors in liability-driven investing

Financial Planning Perspectives—A "BETR" Approach to Roth conversions

A systematic approach to constructing high-income portfolios

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