Building a sustainable future

Taking action now

A person planting a tree. Vanguard offers many volunteer opportunities that promote a sustainable environment.

Vanguard's sustainability goals

Vanguard's 2020 global carbon footprint

Vanguard’s global carbon footprint in 2020 was 45,565 metric tons. Our carbon footprint can be broken down into three components—1) 3,240 metric tons of CO2 from direct emissions Vanguard produced by the fuel we burn to run our operations, 2) 20,431 metric tons of CO2 from indirect emissions generated from electricity Vanguard purchases and 3) 21,894 metric tons of CO2 from indirect emissions produced by select sources including fleet vehicles, business travel, employee commuting, waste, and leased assets.

Our approach

Vanguard is committed to alternative sources of energy as symbolized by this wind turbine.



Reduce emissions by 20% (baseline 2019)


Reduce electricity consumption by 5% (baseline 2019)


Reduce water consumption by 20% (baseline 2019)


Achieve 80% landfill diversion rate

Real estate investments




of our operational carbon emissions were offset by purchasing renewable energy certificates in 2020

7 buildings

in our U.S. locations earned the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® certification in 2020

7 buildings

in our Global real estate portfolio are either LEED-certified or BREEAM-certified


Electric Vehicle charging stations are available for Vanguard crew to use in 2021


megawatt hours of Renewable Energy Certificates purchased in 2020, and through October 2021

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