Our accessibility commitment

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Web accessibility

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Browser access with a screen reader

A screen reader is a type of assistive technology that reads content out loud. It tends to be optimized to work with a specific browser. For the best online Vanguard experience, the following combinations are recommended:


Job Access With Speech and Chrome


NonVisual Desktop Access and Chrome


VoiceOver and Safari

Keyboard access

Low-vision support

Zoom your browser window

Adjust browser text size and color

Use general mobile settings

Consider additional software

Other accessible alternatives

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Accessible document formats

Large-print and screen-reader-friendly PDF formats are available for personal account statements, certain tax forms, and the privacy policy notice. The large-print version provides documents in 16- to 18-point font, which significantly increases the number of pages. The screen-reader-friendly version provides documents compatible with common screen-reader software. To access these formats:


Log in to your Vanguard account.


Select My Accounts, then select Profile & Account Settings.


Look for Mail preferences section, then select Delivery settings.


Select Customize Mailing Preferences.


Click Select an accessible document format.


Choose large-print or screen-reader-friendly format.

Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS)

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